No, that wasn’t a panic attack.

March 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

So… Future Mama D and Papa M had given up for a bit on this whole pregnancy thing because Mama D’s job, which provides the Challenged Family with their lovely health insurance benefits, turned out to suck big time.  While she was searching for another, they thought they’d put the family planning on hold.

Mama D turned 30 yesterday.  She’s been increasingly frustrated with the situation at work.  She’s slipped into a deep depression and been waking in a malaise, unable to cope with the never-ending fights and belittling disrespect as she attempts to force feed a bunch of 15 year olds with the collective reading abilities of a third grader the information and skills they are convinced they do not need (yes, she is a High School English Teacher).  The last two days, she’s been especially emotional and touchy, so she stayed home to rest and scheduled a counseling appointment for fear she might go off the deep end.

This morning, she awoke determined to bitterly fight through the anger and hatred and fear and go teach those darn kids something.  She made it to the bathroom with a coughing fit.  She felt flush and like something was twisting her stomach into impressive nautical-style knots.  Still–she must persevere!  She drove to school, made it all the way to her classroom before the nausea hit.  She defiled the porcelain throne and returned to arrange her sub plans, nearly passing out from dizziness.

Given the emotional crap, she figured she’d just snapped.  Here was the panic attack that had been building.

She got out and headed to the doctor, who she was sure would try to convince her to check in to a mental hospital post-haste.  After running all kinds of Scary Tests, the doctor came in and announced that Future Mama D would lose the Future within this year.

In other words, kids, we’re pregnant.

Now would be the proper time to panic…

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